Poetry (in whatever variant) should at least nudge – or sometimes shove – us towards looking at things in a different way and so I offer Cyberstanza as a minor contribution to that great purpose.

CyberStanza offers an eclectic mix of reflections on topics or issues including: politics (with equal opportunities polemic or satire), technologies, or the environment but expressed mainly in verse (with occasional prose addenda to provide information about what informed the verse). Click the ‘contents’ tab to view the complete archive of verses. Podcasts or audio downloads are also available for all verses (see below). There is also a Cyberstanza YouTube channel which offers media enhanced and audio-text synced versions of some verses.

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Twitter: @cyberstanza
Web: cyberstanza.org or cyberstanza.com
email: cyberstanza@auricle.org
YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/Cyberstanza