Girl’s Bike

by Derek Morrison

RaleighLadies1930sTIt’s a girl’s, he had loudly protested
But much time had his dad invested
In fixing chain and Sturmey-Archer gears
So such protests fell on dad’s deaf ears.

His road sense was much in doubt
So after work dad took him out
He now felt a growing sense of pride
For just like dad he now could ride.

But Mean Town boys they did laugh
It’s a girl’s, their taunts would chaff
Because no money was the reality
So girl’s bike it would have to be.

As confidence and stamina grew
He began to adopt a different view
From Mean Town now a transient escape
So the world took on a different shape.

Out in the country he found such peace
For here the taunts and bigotry cease
From Mean Town the distance was too great
To be reached by it’s “the other” hate.

The shabby gift from person long expired
A freedom machine on which he never tired
For it taught him that from such unlikely tools
Can arise a new path to different schools.

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