Severn Beach

by Derek Morrison Severn Beach has history Once Blackpool of the West Only ghostly echoes now remain As commuters build their nest Shirley’s Cafe near the shore Mug of coffee from an urn Silent juke-box in the corner The turntable doesn’t turn Giant slab of fruit cake Adds to energy store At value-for-money prices That […]


by Derek Morrison Souls sucked through seductive screens Connected to the matrix; sharing But somehow not; communicating In 140 characters or less Over 1000 miles or; sending Just 1 metre. Self-worth; judging From ‘likes’; by ‘friends’ Or is that strangers; providing A brief heat, but no lasting light From virtual Tinder Encounter-vending-machines; degrading Courtship, intimacy, […]


by Derek Morrison Riding abreast dialogue flowed As they joined the busy road Single up! Came leader’s behest They ignored; they knew best Important to assert two-up mode They all know the Highway Code Behind; impatient engines gunned But closed ears this cue shunned Single up! Came leader’s shout Again failed to insert some doubt […]