Letting Go

by Derek Morrison Inner voices replay triumphs of past But inner whispers say cannot last Essential self-delusions of being human Curses every man and woman But when age or injury make you slow The final triumph is to just let go. [To listen to this verse select below] Commentary I cycle with a lot of […]


by Derek Morrison If all the roads we could hack Turning all to one cycle track There would still be no fix Man would still wield his sticks Asserting rights over others True path only for the brothers. [To listen to this verse select below] Commentary My part of the UK is blessed with a […]

You People

by Derek Morrison You tell ‘your people’ to slow down He turned to see her wrinkled frown What ‘people’? He somewhat fazed You ‘people’ her face now blazed Her eyes had scanned his attire It was this that had set the fire His uniform was of the hated ‘others’ No individuals, just bands of brothers […]