Ego Ride

by Derek Morrison I’m really not out for an ego ride Till I have the measure of who’s by my side And then I’ll slowly press the pace Lead them into a tacit race I’m struggling up this hill for now But when I get to that far off brow I’ll put my head down, […]

Electric Car

by Derek Morrison I want to buy an electric car But that won’t get me very far Need Nissan Leaf for commutes And Tesla Model S for longer routes So such purchases make no sense For going green at great expense; Needs fast recharging stations Easily found throughout the nations And battery technology to mature […]

Energy draining

by Derek Morrison Solar farms built in northern climes Skyline monuments — wind turbines But how to store the wind and sun Not thought about as policies spun And so we pay to Grid not feed If wind and sun they have no need Renewable energy going to waste From policies made in unseemly haste. […]

Big Brother

by Derek Morrison Now in any space or event Big Brother can watch you vent Whether you’re inside, or outdoor There’s no hiding place any more Meteor strike or plane crash All now captured from the dash And if you cause some offence Big Brother has the evidence A fleeting moment of no constraint But […]

Masters of Finance

by Derek Morrison Masters of Finance Of derivatives fame That built the ghost funds That built the debt bombs You who owned banks Who played the money ball We just want you to know We now see through it all. You fiscal thought leaders Much wealth did you claim You treat our world like — […]

Just another day at the office

by Derek Morrison So how was your day? Sudden urge to cry Went pretty good A well-practised lie. Simulating levity During family meals No way of expressing Exactly how she feels. Time for bedtime stories Children tucked in bed Push aside her troubles Focus on them instead. Mummy, what do you do? The youngest child […]