The Troll

Darkened room — screen throws light Unsuspecting victim to select tonight Find online discussion — become a part I’m a connoisseur of this disruptive art. I was once the stuff of fairy tale Unfriendly monster of mountain trail Now the internet has made me real With such reach, my power they feel. Once in a […]

Dangerous Breaths

by Derek Morrison Breath in deep and suck it down These invisible poisons in which you drown The sunny road ahead could not be flatter But you won’t see that particulate matter From fresh air you can’t tell it apart But it works its way to your heart Suck it down as you keep fit […]

No longer required

by Derek Morrison Esteemed Time Lord now sounds alert To possible futures we should avert Dreams of bottling Man’s ‘commonsense’ Spawns nightmare of artificial intelligence. The creeping crab of automation Removing people from their station Soon knocks on unexpected doors Roles erased — now digital chores. We may come to embrace the taxi ride Just […]


by Derek Morrison We’re the king and queen of distraction With an obsessive need to explore No matter what’s the action We need a new info score. We must always be connected No matter what we do We naively think we are protected We are the digital savvy new. We believe in the myth of […]

About this site

Welcome to CyberStanza, a poetry site with a  focus on living & learning in a technocentric world. CyberStanza poetry will address both the positive and negative influences, or impacts, of technologies on human behaviour as well as on the environment we live in. Technology encompasses quite a broad canvas of possible topics, e.g. cyber or […]