New Toy

by Derek Morrison I have a new toy and it’s very very light It’s made of carbon fibre, and its lines are tight It has disc brakes and an electric gear Much better than the one I bought last year. It looks so good I don’t want to take it for a ride Messing up […]

Black Ice

by Derek Morrison There had been frost on the ground but we still set out on our way ‘There will be an improving sunny situation’ the forecast did say Despite the cold, a set of eager faces had turned up for the ride It would be a shame to disappoint them, so anxiety pushed aside. […]

Road Rage

by Derek Morrison Driving at speed in your insulated box Feeling┬áthe pressure of time, your obsession with clocks Now who are these people who get in your way? It’s those lyrca-clad pedalers out for the day. Why do they wobble so, in and out? What are they pointing at, and why do they shout? They […]