Life Support

by Derek Morrison The anxious gathered near the leader’s bed Machines pumped air and tubes they fed She, who had once been so strong and stable Was now on life support and no longer able  Boris sobs loudly and weeps his loyal tears Michael’s reassuring hug amplifies Boris’ fears David is stoical gazing down at […]

Dramatis Personae

by Derek Morrison Come What May now creates new fable Of making ‘U’ turns so strong and stable And Ulster alliances to ensure her votes By conjuring a billion of the people’s notes. As the Brexit fire slowly builds its flame The people will eventually apportion blame For fantasy expectations that can’t be met Dangled […]


by Derek Morrison Yet more trees have died Yet more promises are made Yet more “We really mean it” As the manifesto waltz is played “And if we don’t keep our promises It’s because the circumstances changed Our manifesto clause made this clear, As I think we have explained.” Some manifestos are for gamblers Inclined to be promiscuously […]


by Derek Morrison Bluebells; First sign of spring The mood it rises, as blackbirds sing The woods are carpeted in glorious blue On shaded verges their heads poke through Bluebells; a quintessential British bloom Nature’s art, dispelling winter’s gloom. But wait; There’s something that’s not quite ‘right’ The blue is ‘wrong’, it is too bright And the stems are much too […]

In the Hall of the Troll Kings

by Derek Morrison Troll Kings now ride the wave New prophets, the world to save Deadly weapons they now wield Vicious words seed virtual-field Fracking anxieties and discontents Fuelling egos, exploiting vents Thought leaders of the virtual age Putative masters of creating rage Recruiters for intellectual bubbles Silo builders for shared troubles. So grains of sand can feel like rocks And tiny birds pretend […]