Maths Lesson

by Derek Morrison Looked out of the high window Outside the rain poured down It was first class on a Monday And Jimmy Skinner had a frown. He was a teacher of some repute For ferocious temper on short fuse So Jimmy Skinner’s expression Much increased our Monday blues. “All, show me your home-work!” Came the  curt command […]

Poor Johnny of Seann Cathair

by Derek Morrison The classroom door burst open He came in, thick tawse in hand Where’s Johnny McKenna? Teacher said; Johnny stand! Her face suddenly neutral She knew what was to come He was to set such an example For what little Johnny had done Now come to the front! Headmaster Moore commands As all child eyes […]

Safe Space

by Derek Morrison No platform here, no dissonant thought This seat of learning is much sought For our safe haven has banished fear Speech codes and policies make it clear Our scholars halos must always shine Deviance reported via our bias line. We have trigger warnings just in case There’s any risk we’ll fall from grace Preaching our diversity and […]