Safe Space

by Derek Morrison No platform here, no dissonant thought This seat of learning is much sought For our safe haven has banished fear Speech codes and policies make it clear Our scholars halos must always shine Deviance reported via our bias line. We have trigger warnings just in case There’s any risk we’ll fall from grace Preaching our diversity and […]


by Derek Morrison Snowflakes falling on Ivory Tower Privileged pressure exerting power Primed for insult and outrage too Detecting heretics from any clue Exorcise those now deemed incorrect Such bygone stars deserve no respect So only safe ideas can they exchange All falling within the comfort range Learning only where none feels hurt With no requirement to explore the dirt In building silos of righteous thought Militant intolerance has been […]

Half Life

by Derek Morrison Half truths, post-truths, across the internet they fly Echo chambers for believers, amplifying the lie Opinion flooding cyber-fields promoted now as news Reinforcing prejudices, seeds malignant views Promoting instability and disorder, seeking pandemonium Injected into virtual-space, with the half-life of plutonium. [To listen to this verse select below] Please like & share:

You People

by Derek Morrison You tell ‘your people’ to slow down He turned to see her wrinkled frown What ‘people’? He somewhat fazed You ‘people’ her face now blazed Her eyes had scanned his attire It was this that had set the fire His uniform was of the hated ‘others’ No individuals, just bands of brothers […]

Big Brother

by Derek Morrison Now in any space or event Big Brother can watch you vent Whether you’re inside, or outdoor There’s no hiding place any more Meteor strike or plane crash All now captured from the dash And if you cause some offence Big Brother has the evidence A fleeting moment of no constraint But […]


by Derek Morrison I struggle hard to understand My obsession with the leading brand A transient boost to needy pride Makes this the only one to ride Reassuringly expensive the price I paid To project the image I wish conveyed Pursuing quality is what I claim Not tacit value in branded name But lesser brands […]


by Derek Morrison Exercise junky Multi-marathon man Endurance cyclist Part of plan. Training sorted Muscles tuned Supplements swallowed Nutrients spooned. Out all weathers Wind and rain Ignore discomfort Feel no pain. All prizes won All plaudits received All now gone Past is grieved. Endurance build Played its part Such big muscles Included heart. Train for […]


by Derek Morrison Hi, it’s me; my name is Lance Former God of Tour de France I was once the one to beat No! No! I didn’t cheat I was once the media pet Not treated like a Soviet Now they sue for money back While I could still lead the pack My reputation to […]


by Derek Morrison Mind of driver Place to be Mental toolkit Survival key. Don’t perceive Road like you Insulated box Sans environment cue. Street metal Raise no alarm Holes and bumps Cause no harm. Thorn and gravel Or scattered mire Zero influence Low profile tyre. Don’t understand Why you weave So much road Perceive you […]

Coffee Stop

by Derek Morrison Coffee stop Energy draining Blood sugar drop Need sustaining. But table service Fulfillment slow Getting nervous Near time to go. Front of house Very chic Back of house News is bleak. Facilities no soap One shared towel Shared bugs scope Definitively foul. Reassuringly expensive Confused with quality Customers pensive Despite frivolity. Scope […]