A Walk in the Country

  by Derek Morrison The cows were the first; They no longer appear Living their lives in mega-sheds Throughout each passing year. Now hidden from casual view Lush fields they never see For algorithms and robots Had replaced green-grassy lea. With auto feed and milking Every need was satisfied No stress, strain, or disease Was the corporate line […]

the Beast of Expectation

by Derek Morrison Its hunger is insatiable This Beast of Expectation Fed junk-food promises By leaders of the nation Beast’s girth then so inflates Its demands rise even more Yet none dare tell the truth Lest hell burst through the door So golden futures are promised For delivery on undetermined date Or it’s given another lie injection Thinning more the ice they […]

In the Hall of the Troll Kings

by Derek Morrison Troll Kings now ride the wave New prophets, the world to save Deadly weapons they now wield Vicious words seed virtual-field Fracking anxieties and discontents Fuelling egos, exploiting vents Thought leaders of the virtual age Putative masters of creating rage Recruiters for intellectual bubbles Silo builders for shared troubles. So grains of sand can feel like rocks And tiny birds pretend […]

Severn Beach

by Derek Morrison Severn Beach has history Once Blackpool of the West Only ghostly echoes now remain As commuters build their nest Shirley’s Cafe near the shore Mug of coffee from an urn Silent juke-box in the corner The turntable doesn’t turn Giant slab of fruit cake Adds to energy store At value-for-money prices That […]

Letting Go

by Derek Morrison Inner voices replay triumphs of past But inner whispers say cannot last Essential self-delusions of being human Curses every man and woman But when age or injury make you slow The final triumph is to just let go. [To listen to this verse select below] Commentary I cycle with a lot of […]

Girl’s Bike

by Derek Morrison It’s a girl’s, he had loudly protested But much time had his dad invested In fixing chain and Sturmey-Archer gears So such protests fell on dad’s deaf ears. His road sense was much in doubt So after work dad took him out He now felt a growing sense of pride For just […]


by Derek Morrison Walking on the street you’re just another ageing girl or guy But when you put on the gear and goggles you can show them how to fly You can sure push those cranks up those endless hills And you can last all day … despite your many pills. It’s OK that there […]