Severn Beach

by Derek Morrison Severn Beach has history Once Blackpool of the West Only ghostly echoes now remain As commuters build their nest Shirley’s Cafe near the shore Mug of coffee from an urn Silent juke-box in the corner The turntable doesn’t turn Giant slab of fruit cake Adds to energy store At value-for-money prices That […]


by Derek Morrison Riding abreast dialogue flowed As they joined the busy road Single up! Came leader’s behest They ignored; they knew best Important to assert two-up mode They all know the Highway Code Behind; impatient engines gunned But closed ears this cue shunned Single up! Came leader’s shout Again failed to insert some doubt […]

Letting Go

by Derek Morrison Inner voices replay triumphs of past But inner whispers say cannot last Essential self-delusions of being human Curses every man and woman But when age or injury make you slow The final triumph is to just let go. [To listen to this verse select below] Commentary I cycle with a lot of […]


by Derek Morrison If all the roads we could hack Turning all to one cycle track There would still be no fix Man would still wield his sticks Asserting rights over others True path only for the brothers. [To listen to this verse select below] Commentary My part of the UK is blessed with a […]

You People

by Derek Morrison You tell ‘your people’ to slow down He turned to see her wrinkled frown What ‘people’? He somewhat fazed You ‘people’ her face now blazed Her eyes had scanned his attire It was this that had set the fire His uniform was of the hated ‘others’ No individuals, just bands of brothers […]


by Derek Morrison Over the two bridges that look like one For a border weave is today’s cycle run On the other side we’re through South Wales’ gate Onwards past Chepstow’s outskirts, keep riding straight. On the A466 to St Arvans, we head Now a small climb to the top, but no sweat need be […]


by Derek Morrison I struggle hard to understand My obsession with the leading brand A transient boost to needy pride Makes this the only one to ride Reassuringly expensive the price I paid To project the image I wish conveyed Pursuing quality is what I claim Not tacit value in branded name But lesser brands […]


by Derek Morrison Hi, it’s me; my name is Lance Former God of Tour de France I was once the one to beat No! No! I didn’t cheat I was once the media pet Not treated like a Soviet Now they sue for money back While I could still lead the pack My reputation to […]


by Derek Morrison Gods, they smiled As plans you told Group cycle ride Despite the cold. Out in countryside Rain like spear Bad day for puncture Mused he at rear. The assassin thorn Lay in silent wait Its pointed dagger Was someone’s fate. Heavens pouring down Prayers for release Coffee stop pending So pace increase. […]


by Derek Morrison Mind of driver Place to be Mental toolkit Survival key. Don’t perceive Road like you Insulated box Sans environment cue. Street metal Raise no alarm Holes and bumps Cause no harm. Thorn and gravel Or scattered mire Zero influence Low profile tyre. Don’t understand Why you weave So much road Perceive you […]