by Derek Morrison Journey over, flight now landed But suffering time now expanded 2 long queues at border control Dampens the travel-weary soul 1 snaking line offers human touch A seductive other, technology’s clutch Gambling then on which is faster Digital must surely be the master Opting then for e-passport control Down Alice’s Wonderland rabbit […]


by Derek Morrison If all the roads we could hack Turning all to one cycle track There would still be no fix Man would still wield his sticks Asserting rights over others True path only for the brothers. [To listen to this verse select below] Commentary My part of the UK is blessed with a […]

Electric Car

by Derek Morrison I want to buy an electric car But that won’t get me very far Need Nissan Leaf for commutes And Tesla Model S for longer routes So such purchases make no sense For going green at great expense; Needs fast recharging stations Easily found throughout the nations And battery technology to mature […]

Big Brother

by Derek Morrison Now in any space or event Big Brother can watch you vent Whether you’re inside, or outdoor There’s no hiding place any more Meteor strike or plane crash All now captured from the dash And if you cause some offence Big Brother has the evidence A fleeting moment of no constraint But […]