A Walk in the Country

  by Derek Morrison The cows were the first; They no longer appear Living their lives in mega-sheds Throughout each passing year. Now hidden from casual view Lush fields they never see For algorithms and robots Had replaced green-grassy lea. With auto feed and milking Every need was satisfied No stress, strain, or disease Was the corporate line […]


by Derek Morrison They see no beauty in your stone Only a surface on which to scrawl Proclaiming angrily that they exist But need dark silent nights to crawl. They see no beauty in your wood Just new targets for their spoor And like feral dogs peeing points More such shadows does this lure. They see no beauty in […]


by Derek Morrison Bluebells; First sign of spring The mood it rises, as blackbirds sing The woods are carpeted in glorious blue On shaded verges their heads poke through Bluebells; a quintessential British bloom Nature’s art, dispelling winter’s gloom. But wait; There’s something that’s not quite ‘right’ The blue is ‘wrong’, it is too bright And the stems are much too […]

Dangerous Breaths

by Derek Morrison Breath in deep and suck it down These invisible poisons in which you drown The sunny road ahead could not be flatter But you won’t see that particulate matter From fresh air you can’t tell it apart But it works its way to your heart Suck it down as you keep fit […]