Half Life

by Derek Morrison Half truth, post-truths, across the internet they fly Echo chambers for believers, amplifying the lie Opinion flooding cyber-fields promoted now as news Reinforcing prejudices, seeds malignant views Promoting instability and disorder, seeking pandemonium Injected into virtual-space, with the half-life of plutonium. Please like & share:

Being strange

by Derek Morrison They label me strange and not much fun But as a problem-solver I’m number one Their obsessive sociability I can’t understand With no attention to detail, they never expand They are so easily distracted,  they make no gain And their lack of routine I just can’t explain – Yet they label me […]


by Derek Morrison Journey over, flight now landed But suffering time now expanded 2 long queues at border control Dampens the travel-weary soul 1 snaking line offers human touch A seductive other, technology’s clutch Gambling then on which is faster Digital must surely be the master Opting then for e-passport control Down Alice’s Wonderland rabbit […]


by Derek Morrison Souls sucked through seductive screens Connected to the matrix; sharing But somehow not; communicating In 140 characters or less Over 1000 miles or; sending Just 1 metre. Self-worth; judging From ‘likes’; by ‘friends’ Or is that strangers; providing A brief heat, but no lasting light From virtual Tinder Encounter vending-machines; degrading Courtship, […]


by Derek Morrison Life not gone well A need to blame Any cause will do Delusion of fame Join virtual mob To shout real loud It’s never wrong This wisdom of crowd Gather with ‘friends’ Thought crime to seek Insult and outrage Primed ready to peak Reputations drowned Virtual tsunamis to ride Crush protests of […]

Venus Fly Traps

by Derek Morrison Many devices become a radio in these digital times Now new platforms to watch all the world’s crimes Online Venus-Fly-Traps proffering much choice Inadequates and the evil now given amplified voice No time to long read or to talk face-to-face Eyes glued to a screen even as legs make the pace As […]

Smart dumbness

by Derek Morrison A world of digital complexity Where only experts can tune TV Gullible swallowing of salesman’s art A rush to devices with moniker ‘smart’ But like filament light bulbs of old Rapid obsolescence we’re being sold Because the smartness does degrade Despite the high prices we have paid Those smart devices by our […]

Electric Car

by Derek Morrison I want to buy an electric car But that won’t get me very far Need Nissan Leaf for commutes Tesla Model S for longer routes So such purchases make no sense For going green at great expense Needs fast recharging stations Easily found throughout the nations And battery technology to mature So […]

Energy draining

by Derek Morrison Solar farms built in northern climes Skyline monuments — wind turbines But how to store the wind and sun Not thought about as policies spun And so we pay to Grid not feed If wind and sun they have no need Renewable energy going to waste From policies made in unseemly haste. […]

Big Brother

by Derek Morrison Now in any space or event Big Brother can watch you vent Whether you’re inside, or outdoor There’s no hiding place any more Meteor strike or plane crash All now captured from the dash And if you cause some offence Big Brother has the evidence A fleeting moment of no constraint But […]