Rage in the Machine

by Derek Morrison A half-formed thought Trickling past the filter Oozing through fingertips Diffusing through screens. Cascading into the rapids Swimming into their nets Seeping through their eyes Leaching past their filter Embedding in receptive minds, and Immersing in his story. Amplifying and echoing, is now, Enhancing the throwaway Elevating it to wisdom, so he […]

Life Support

by Derek Morrison The anxious gathered near the leader’s bed Machines pumped air and tubes they fed She, who had once been so strong and stable Was now on life support and no longer able  Boris sobs loudly and weeps his loyal tears Michael’s reassuring hug amplifies Boris’ fears David is stoical gazing down at […]

Dramatis Personae

by Derek Morrison Come What May now creates new fable Of making ‘U’ turns so strong and stable And Ulster alliances to ensure her votes By conjuring a billion of the people’s notes. As the Brexit fire slowly builds its flame The people will eventually apportion blame For fantasy expectations that can’t be met Dangled […]


by Derek Morrison Yet more trees have died Yet more promises are made Yet more “We really mean it” As the manifesto waltz is played “And if we don’t keep our promises It’s because the circumstances changed Our manifesto clause made this clear, As I think we have explained.” Some manifestos are for gamblers Inclined to be promiscuously […]

A Walk in the Country

  by Derek Morrison The cows were the first; They no longer appear Living their lives in mega-sheds Throughout each passing year. Now hidden from casual view Lush fields they never see For algorithms and robots Had replaced green-grassy lea. With auto feed and milking Every need was satisfied No stress, strain, or disease Was the corporate line […]

Maths Lesson

by Derek Morrison Looked out of the high window Outside the rain poured down It was first class on a Monday And Jimmy Skinner had a frown. He was a teacher of some repute For ferocious temper on short fuse So Jimmy Skinner’s expression Much increased our Monday blues. “All, show me your home-work!” Came the  curt command […]


by Derek Morrison They see no beauty in your stone Only a surface on which to scrawl Proclaiming angrily that they exist But need dark silent nights to crawl. They see no beauty in your wood Just new targets for their spoor And like feral dogs peeing points More such shadows does this lure. They see no beauty in […]


by Derek Morrison Bluebells; First sign of spring The mood it rises, as blackbirds sing The woods are carpeted in glorious blue On shaded verges their heads poke through Bluebells; a quintessential British bloom Nature’s art, dispelling winter’s gloom. But wait; There’s something that’s not quite ‘right’ The blue is ‘wrong’, it is too bright And the stems are much too […]

Poor Johnny of Seann Cathair

by Derek Morrison The classroom door burst open He came in, thick tawse in hand Where’s Johnny McKenna? Teacher said; Johnny stand! Her face suddenly neutral She knew what was to come He was to set such an example For what little Johnny had done Now come to the front! Headmaster Moore commands As all child eyes […]

Safe Space

by Derek Morrison No platform here, no dissonant thought This seat of learning is much sought For our safe haven has banished fear Speech codes and policies make it clear Our scholars halos must always shine Deviance reported via our bias line. We have trigger warnings just in case There’s any risk we’ll fall from grace Preaching our diversity and […]