Rage in the Machine

by Derek Morrison A half-formed thought Trickling past the filter Oozing through fingertips Diffusing through screens. Cascading into the rapids Swimming into their nets Seeping through their eyes Leaching past their filter Embedding in receptive minds, and Immersing in his story. Amplifying and echoing, is now, Enhancing the throwaway Elevating it to wisdom, so he […]

Maths Lesson

by Derek Morrison Looked out of the high window Outside the rain poured down It was first class on a Monday And Jimmy Skinner had a frown. He was a teacher of some repute For ferocious temper on short fuse So Jimmy Skinner’s expression Much increased our Monday blues. “All, show me your home-work!” Came the  curt command […]


by Derek Morrison They see no beauty in your stone Only a surface on which to scrawl Proclaiming angrily that they exist But need dark silent nights to crawl. They see no beauty in your wood Just new targets for their spoor And like feral dogs peeing points More such shadows does this lure. They see no beauty in […]

Safe Space

by Derek Morrison No platform here, no dissonant thought This seat of learning is much sought For our safe haven has banished fear Speech codes and policies make it clear Our scholars halos must always shine Deviance reported via our bias line. We have trigger warnings just in case There’s any risk we’ll fall from grace Preaching our diversity and […]


by Derek Morrison Snowflakes falling on Ivory Tower Privileged pressure exerting power Primed for insult and outrage too Detecting heretics from any clue Exorcise those now deemed incorrect Such bygone stars deserve no respect So only safe ideas can they exchange All falling within the comfort range Learning only where none feels hurt With no requirement to explore the dirt In building silos of righteous thought Militant intolerance has been […]

the Beast of Expectation

by Derek Morrison Its hunger is insatiable This Beast of Expectation Fed junk-food promises By leaders of the nation Beast’s girth then so inflates Its demands rise even more Yet none dare tell the truth Lest hell burst through the door So golden futures are promised For delivery on undetermined date Or it’s given another lie injection Thinning more the ice they […]

Burns Elimination

Consider first this small extract from the original Death and Dr Hornbook by Robert Burns, written in 1785 (Source: BBC) Ev’n them he canna get attended, Altho’ their face he ne’er had kend it, Just shite in a kail-blade, an’ sent it, As soon’s he smells ‘t, Baith their disease, and what will mend it, At […]

Fake News

by Derek Morrison Fake News comes the Trumpet call The faithful hear, they are in thrall Wield Fake News to smite them down For He now wears the media crown Apprentice star emits searing light Troublesome truths now burning bright Only He could fix all that was wrong For His people need a leader strong So Russian Bear now declared no […]

Half Life

by Derek Morrison Half truths, post-truths, across the internet they fly Echo chambers for believers, amplifying the lie Opinion flooding cyber-fields promoted now as news Reinforcing prejudices, seeds malignant views Promoting instability and disorder, seeking pandemonium Injected into virtual-space, with the half-life of plutonium. [To listen to this verse select below] Please like & share:

Being strange

by Derek Morrison They label me strange and not much fun But as a problem-solver I’m number one Their obsessive sociability I can’t understand With no attention to detail, they never expand They are so easily distracted,  they make no gain And their lack of routine I just can’t explain – Yet they label me […]