A Walk in the Country

  by Derek Morrison The cows were the first; They no longer appear Living their lives in mega-sheds Throughout each passing year. Now hidden from casual view Lush fields they never see For algorithms and robots Had replaced green-grassy lea. With auto feed and milking Every need was satisfied No stress, strain, or disease Was the corporate line […]


by Derek Morrison Journey over, flight now landed But suffering time now expanded 2 long queues at border control Dampens the travel-weary soul 1 snaking line offers human touch A seductive other, technology’s clutch Gambling then on which is faster Digital must surely be the master Opting then for e-passport control Down Alice’s Wonderland rabbit […]

Just another day at the office

by Derek Morrison So how was your day? Sudden urge to cry Went pretty good A well-practised lie. Simulating levity During family meals No way of expressing Exactly how she feels. Time for bedtime stories Children tucked in bed Push aside her troubles Focus on them instead. Mummy, what do you do? The youngest child […]